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Welcome to From the Heart Animal Behavior and Training

Training is essential for your dog's mental development. It can be done formally or informally, and unless you live in a vacuum, behavior will develop. Through training we can mold your dog's behavior into a desirable asset.

Behavioral problems are the primary reasons pets are turned into shelters, according to the latest statistics. Statistics also reveal using aggressive training methods increases the potential for development of aggressive behavior. Trust is the key word in the methods used at FROM THE HEART, however, trust must be earned by and from your dog. During class you will work hard, play games, laugh, and learn. But most importantly, you will form a bond with your pet.

Located in Salinas, CA, From the Heart provides obedience training for puppies and adult dogs as well as daycare.

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Finally the big day is here, you’re bringing home your new puppy! Congratulations, how sweet a day is this? Your puppy turned 8 weeks old and the breeder let you have him. By law in some states, California, this is the earliest you can take your puppy, but is it the right thing? Your vet, in whom you have the world of trust, informs you, you must not take your puppy anywhere until all his vaccinations are complete. And from her standpoint, she is correct, but and this is a big one, from a behavior standpoint we know the window of socialization is quickly coming to a close. What to do, what to do? You may have a vet that tells you there is no reason to rush and puppies can’t learn at this stage and may even suggest you not begin training until they are 6 months old or older. My response to that is…would you allow your puppy to eliminate in your home for 6 months? No, I’m sure. The truth be told your puppy is learning from the first day he comes home. And if you’re a wise owner, you will see there are many desirable behaviors your puppy will offer from day one and if you reward them you can capture them now.
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